Hochschule Coburg

Typ Fachhochschule
Hochschule Coburg
Hochschule Coburg
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Trägerschaft Staatlich
Gründung 1971
Studenten ca. 3500
Mitarbeiter ca. 205
Leitung Prof. Dr. Christiane Fritze
Adresse Friedrich-Streib-Straße 2
96450 Coburg

Hochschule Coburg im Detail

Coburg University is a public university financed by Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts. As its English translation “University of Applied Sciences and Arts” suggests, a Hochschule is characterized by practice-related teaching and research as well as a strong practical bias. Its educational philosophy is designed to enable its students to apply their theoretical knowledge and methodological know-how to solving concrete problems in their professional careers. During their studies, the students at Coburg University are systematically trained to develop those skills. To make sure that students never lose sight of the practical relevance of what they are learning, both full-time and part-time faculty are required to have gained ample experience in leading positions in business and administration. With the exception of art-related programs, the standard length of bachelor’s degree programs is seven semesters, one of which is, as a rule, in an internship. The practice-oriented approach to teaching is demonstrated by

  • a required internship
  • the small size of classes allowing individual attention to be given to students
  • lab and field work, simulation games, project-centered education, and field trips
  • the faculty’s wide range of practical experience

Hochschule Coburg im Überblick

Die Hochschule Coburg ist eine Fachhochschule mit Sitz in Coburg und bietet Leistungen und Angebote im Bereich Fach- und Hochschulen. Die Gründung der Fachhochschule geht auf das Jahr 1971 zurück. Die Hochschule Coburg ist eine Körperschaften des öffentlichen Rechts bzw. KdöR. Heute wird die Fachhochschule von Prof. Dr. Christiane Fritze geleitet.

Hochschule Coburg Softwareentwickler Studiengänge

Name Abschluss Dauer Kosten
Informatik Bachelor of Science 42 Kosten auf Anfrage


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